See the Oregon State University course catalogue for current offerings.


Courses @ OSU:

I teach courses in the history of medicine, the history of science, world history, European history, and the theory and methods of historical research. These are offered at various times throughout the year, and each year’s schedule is slightly different; some, like HST 310, I teach multiple times a year, others, like HST 407 I teach every couple of years. Check the link to the OSU Catalogue above for the latest offerings.


History Seminars:

HST 310 – The Historian’s Craft (Seminar on the theory & methods of historical research) (I usually teach this 3 times a year)

HST 407 – Senior Thesis Seminar on The Great War and Modern History (the 407 seminar rotates between faculty who each focus on different subject areas; if you want to write your senior thesis with me, contact me via the department website to find out the next time I am offering this course)


History and Philosophy of Science/History of Medicine:

HSTS 417 – History of Medicine (I offer this course every quarter except the Summer)

HSTS 517 – Graduate Seminar in the History of Medicine (I offer this course every quarter except the Summer)

HSTS 419 – Studies in Scientific Controversy (I generally offer this once or twice a year)

HSTS 422 – Historical Studies of Science & Politics (I haven’t taught this for a number of years, but may do so again in the future; check the catalogue to see)

In Development: A two-part undergraduate survey in the global history of science: “Understanding the World: A Global History of Science”


History Surveys:

(I teach a selection of the following throughout the year, usually 1-2 surveys per quarter)

HST 101 – Western Civilization to 1000 AD

HST 102 – Western Civilization from 1000 AD to 1789

HST 103 – Western Civilization from 1789 to the present

HST 105 – World History II: Middle & Early Modern Ages

HST 106 – World History III: Modern & Contemporary


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