About Me / CV

I am primarily an historian of science and an historian of philosophy. My work focuses on complex systems of understanding (such as philosophical, scientific, and religious systems) and their structural dynamics. I am interested in the ways in which human beings understand their world and the different historical manifestations of such understanding. I teach World History, European History, the theory and methods of historical research, and the History of Science.

[Mason Tattersall CV Jun 2018]


PHD Dissertation:

Exploring the Structural Dynamics of Human Understanding: An Historico-Philosophical Analysis of the Problem of Meaning in Heidegger and Bohr [Link]

Download a brief, 6 page introduction to my dissertation HERE

Master’s Thesis:

“The Concept of Authenticity in Heidegger’s Being and Time: Thoughts and Revisions on a Critical Theme,” (Vancouver: The University of British Columbia, 2007). [Link]

Undergraduate Honours Thesis:

“Encountering Historiography: The Possibility of a Heidegger-Friendly Historiography”


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