About Me / CV

I am an historian and philosopher of science and an historian of philosophy and European intellectual history. My work focuses on systems of understanding (such as philosophical, scientific, and religious systems) and their structural dynamics. I am interested in the ways in which human beings understand their world and the different historical manifestations of such understanding.

[Download CV in .pdf format]


PHD Dissertation:

Exploring the Structural Dynamics of Human Understanding: An Historico-Philosophical Analysis of the Problem of Meaning in Heidegger and Bohr [Link]

Download a brief, 6 page introduction to my dissertation HERE

Master’s Thesis:

“The Concept of Authenticity in Heidegger’s Being and Time: Thoughts and Revisions on a Critical Theme,” (Vancouver: The University of British Columbia, 2007). [Link]

Undergraduate Honours Thesis:

“Encountering Historiography: The Possibility of a Heidegger-Friendly Historiography”


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