Kierkegaard, Doubt, & Faust

My article “Faust’s Dog: Kierkegaard, Despair & The Chimera of Meaning” appears in the new edition of Eras.

Click here for the journal’s website.

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Decadence, Degeneration, & The End

My chapter, “Thermal Degeneration: Thermodynamics & the Heat-Death of the Universe in Victorian Science, Philosophy, & Culture” leads off this new book from Palgrave. Many thanks to the excellent editors Marja Härmänmaa and Christopher Nissen!

Visit the Palgrave page for more information.

And click here to buy it on Amazon.

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Current Teaching

I’m currently teaching HSTS 422 (Studies in Science and Politics)

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New Horning Lecture Series on Culture and Religion in the US

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Resarch Notes on OSU History of Science Blog

I’ve posted a little blurb about my current research on the Oregon State University History of Science blog.

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Welcome to my homepage.

A bit about me:

Mason Tattersall is a doctoral candidate in the History and Philosophy of Science who works in the fields of modern intellectual history and the history of science, primarily dealing with the history of questions of relational and transcendent meaning in European philosophy and the history of science (particularly quantum mechanics). Other areas of interest include: the history of philosophy, particularly the thought of Martin Heidegger; issues of authenticity, meaning, belief, and the history of nihilism; the existentialist tradition, especially Heidegger, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche; historiography and historical thinking; the history of scientific thought, art, literature, expressionism, and visual culture (especially film).

(More information can be found on the “About” page.

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